Wind Tunnel Teesting

Wind Tunnel Testing

BMT operates a number of major wind tunnel facilities and is experienced in wind testing for both the civil engineering and oil and gas sectors.

BMT operates three large in-house wind tunnel facilities, including a large Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel and a High-Speed Uniform Flow Wind Tunnel. These facilities are supported through state-of the art instrumentation and data acquisition systems, to support comprehensive studies of steady and unsteady aerodynamic effects on large scale engineering structures and automotive vehicles. In particular, these facilities support:

  • Boundary layer wind tunnel testing
  • Bluff body aerodynamic testing
  • Static and dynamic section model testing
  • Airfoil testing
  • Open and closed wheel race car testing


  • Airports

    With the globally increasing volume in air traffic, airport passenger terminal buildings are being designed at unprecedented scale and increasingly employing landmark architecture and innovative structural design of support systems for the roof.

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  • Long Span Bridges and Dynamic Structures

    BMT offers detailed study of long span bridges and employs testing and wind modelling methodology that is analogous to that used bridge deck aerodynamics.

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  • Stadia and Large Span Roof Structures

    BMT Fluid Mechanics provides a highly specialised portfolio of consultancy services for stadia and large roof structures, from wind tunnel testing to numerical modelling.

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  • Tall Buildings

    BMT offers a broad range of services for tall buildings, to ensure sustainable, cost efficient and safe design of the structure.

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  • Microclimate

    BMT Fluid Mechanics supports designers in the process of microclimate planning for urban structures, to enhance the safety and comfort of commercial users.

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