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Building Physics

BMT Fluid Mechanics provides specialist consultancy services in building physics applications to designers, planners and architects to enhance and optimise building performance using state of the art technology.

Design challenges facing the building industry are frequently associated with building physics problems such as ventilation, envelope, microclimate and pollution.

Building physics addresses several different areas in building performance including air movement, thermal performance, moisture control, ambient energy, acoustics, light, climate and biology. This field employs creative ways of manipulating these principal aspects of a building’s indoor and outdoor environments so that a more eco-friendly standard of living is obtained.

Building physics is unique from other established applied sciences or engineering professions as it combines the sciences of architecture, engineering and human biology and physiology. It not only addresses energy efficiency and building sustainability, but also the internal environment conditions of a building that affect the comfort and performance levels of its occupants.

The rapid acceleration of computer technology in recent decades has resulted in computer hardware and software that is now capable of numerically solving these equations and problems to time scales that fit within project schedules. BMT Fluid Mechanics is a specialist in the use of numerical modelling for building physics applications. The company is backed by in house high performance computing facility, wind tunnel facilities that are used for validation, and most importantly, a very experienced team of engineers who deliver clear interpretations and explanations of the results as well as recommendations for improving design.

  • Building Ventilation

    BMT has proven capability in investigating all aspects of ventilation performance. BMT uses computational flow simulations to analyse the movement of air and assess flow rate and temperature within a space relevant to supply/extract locations.

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  • Fire and Smoke Dispersion

    BMT Fluid Mechanics has extensive expertise and experience in the modelling of fire, pollution, gas and smoke movement in the built environment and has a proven track record in identifying dispersion issues in the early stages of design.

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  • Snow Drift

    BMT Fluid Mechanics has a proven track record in identifying snow drift issues in early design stages, offering the designer the chance to study the effects of drifting in greater detail.

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  • Stack Effects

    BMT has proven capability in assessing the causes and extent of stack effect related problems, and develops innovative and cost effective mitigation solutions to the problems caused by stack effects.

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  • Wind Driven Rain

    BMT offers a range of consultancy services to limit the effects of wind driven rain on structures, including the use of theoretical rain models, to advise the design and construction of buildings.

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  • Wind Induced Noise

    BMT Fluid Mechanics has a proven track record in identifying wind induced noise issues in the early stages of design and working together with customers to solve wind acoustic problems before they arise.

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