Civil Construction and Architecture

BMT Fluid Mechanics provides wind engineering specialist consultancy services for the assessment of all aspects of architectural aerodynamics.

BMT ensures the cost effective and safe design of civil engineering structures through its engineering services. Assessments are carried out as experience-based desk studies and detailed modelling using state-of-the-art in-house capabilities for physical and numerical modelling.

  • Wind Tunnel Testing

    BMT operates a number of major wind tunnel facilities and is experienced in wind testing for both the civil engineering and oil and gas sectors.

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  • Building Physics

    BMT Fluid Mechanics provides specialist consultancy services in building physics applications to designers, planners and architects to enhance and optimise building performance using state of the art technology.

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  • Environmental Impact Assessments

    BMT specialises in urban environmental impact assessments, on the microclimate of building infrastructure and masterplans.

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