BMT Fluid Mechanics

About BMT Fluid Mechanics

BMT Fluid Mechanics’ experience in research and application of wind engineering techniques to commercial projects dates back more than 50 years.

With its roots in the Aerodynamics Division of the National Physical Laboratory BMT Fluid Mechanics Limited. has a rich heritage dating back to the 1940s – the pioneering days of wind engineering, industrial aerodynamics and offshore research.  Since then the Company has developed through continuous investment in Research & Development, advanced technology, innovation and staff. The Company is internationally recognised as a leading engineering consultancy providing specialist consultancy services to the Civil Construction and Oil & Gas industries based on world leading expertise in fluid/structure interactions and building physics, using state-of-the-art in-house capabilities for physical (wind tunnel) and numerical modelling.  

BMT Fluid Mechanics is a wholly owned operating company of BMT Group Ltd.  The Company is headquartered in London (UK) with regional offices in Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Kuala Lumpur and New York.

BMT has substantial in-house facilities for state-of-the-art small scale physical modelling of atmospheric wind flows around civil structures including, in particular, one of the largest and best-instrumented boundary-layer wind tunnel facilities in the world. The Company maintains a high-capacity, high-throughput computer cluster for carrying out Computational Fluid Dynamics and advanced flow simulations.

By combining in-house physical and numerical modelling capabilities with the skills, experience and resourcefulness of its staff, BMT is uniquely placed to provide comprehensive and integrated service delivery for all aspects of wind engineering and computational modelling for the civil construction and oil and gas industries that complies with, and frequently sets, best international industry standards.